Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Snow Day, Siena Style

At the moment, Siena is a place of magic and delight - or in other words, SNOW! It snowed for about 24 hours starting on Wednesday afternoon, and when the storm cleared, six inches of snow were on the ground. Rachel and I woke up to this on Wednesday morning:

Our immediate response was, "Aaaaah look how pretty! DO WE HAVE SCHOOL?!" We checked our email. Nothing. Eternal sadness. But then my phone rang and I answered to hear the dulcet tones of my Resident Director's voice telling me that the buses to Siena were out and class was cancelled. Glory hallelujah - snow day! Apparently this kind of snow is extremely rare in Siena and in Tuscany in general, so the area isn't prepared to deal with it, and shuts down. It reminds me of a certain school in Texas... :)

After we learned that we didn't have class, Rachel and I raced to tell Stella (who immediately went back to bed) and promptly bundled up to go out to the Campo to play in the snow! The street was quite treacherous, what with the cobblestones and the slush.

When we got to the Campo, we found it metamorphosed into a winter wonderland.

We marveled at the beauty of it all for a few minutes, but our inner children soon took over, and we built a snowman.

Soon after we finished the snowman, our friend Evan showed up and we did all of the stereotypical snow activities - snow angels, a snowball fight, and we even built a snow fort! We also decided that Italian snow is prettier than American snow. :)

After we tired ourselves out and were walking home, wet, cold, and happy, with beautifully fat snowflakes still falling from the sky, I began to reflect on the fact that I was currently in a snowstorm in Europe, and in Italy, no less. How wonderful and magical can life get? I still can't quite wrap my head around the idea that I am living in Italy for the next 4 months, and this snowstorm served to make my life seem even more like a fairy-tale.

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