Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buon Compleanno, Lino!

Yesterday Rachel and I got to experience the happiest of events, an Italian family birthday party. It was Lino's 60th birthday; he's Francesco's dad and Stella's ex. The whole crew was there - Stella, Lino, Francesco (Stella's son), Natascia (Francesco's live-in girlfriend), Marta (Natascia's daughter), Cosimo (Francesco and Natascia's son), Gabriello (Lino's son and Francesco's brother), and us 2 American girls.

Stella bought a fantastic cake of chocolately tiramisu-like goodness shaped in a 60, and Rachel and I ate up 2 pieces each -what's that? you want to give me another piece because you accidentally bought too large of a cake? I suppose I can make that sacrifice... - and drank champagne and basked in the boisterous Italian goodness. It's possible that I only understood about a third to half of the conversation, but just hearing the lovely language and being around the family's happiness was enough for me.

Lino himself, with Cosimo and cake and champagne...

The longer I've been here, the more I love the homestay experience. I absolutely adore the way I'm able to experience the inner workings of an Italian family, especially such a wonderful family. You all already know how much I'm obsessed with Stella, but the rest of the family is equally fantastic. They've thoroughly welcomed Rachel and me into the family, and we're ecstatic about it.

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