Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cosimo, Il Mio Amore

Does everyone see the cuteness that is this child? This is Cosimo, Stella's 20 month old grandson, and he is possibly the most adorable child in existence. Stella watches him almost every day, so Rachel and I get to play with him all the time, much to our happiness.

He calls us "chiche" (kee-kay), since the last girl that stayed here was named Christina, and he called her Chica. Now he thinks that all the girls that stay in our room are chiche (plural of chica).

Cosimo is quite the boisterous little fellow, and has his own dialect of Italian - Stella calls it Cosimese. For example, "cavallo" (horse) is calacalaca, while "biberon" (bottle) is bimbombom. Moreover, he's very imperious, and orders me around like no one's business. He will come up to me and shout, "Mano!" while holding out his hand, then lead me to the couch, pat it, and say, "Siede." Then we read a book (he's got My First 1000 Words book which has been quite handy for helping me learn my Italian animals, etc.), or cuddle and watch TV. It's the cutest. I think I will take him home with me, ok?

Because seriously, who could resist that?

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