Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Italian Easter

Buona Pasqua, everyone! Seeing as I'm in Italy for Easter this year, I got myself out of bed this morning and went to Easter Mass in the Duomo with Kyle and Alli (because guess what, Alli is here this weekend, eeeee!). Obviously I only understood about half of what was said, seeing as it was in Italian, but I really enjoyed it! I've never really been to mass before, so I found it all quite interesting.

Sorry for stealing your pictures, Kyle!

Proof we were there!

Unfortunately, it's a cold, rainy day (what happened to that gorgeous weather we've been having, Siena?!), so we can't really venture outside today, but we do have plans to make french toast for Easter brunch! Hooray!

I know I've been a terrible blogger recently, but I keep getting intimidated by the idea of posting about Paris and Rome... so many stories, and so many pictures! This week I will actually attempt to post some pictures from Paris and Rome, because we saw some fantastical stuff while we were there. Until then, may everyone have a wonderful Easter!

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