Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally, a Paris Post

Are y'all ready for this jelly? Probably not. Welcome to a post where I throw a ton of Paris pictures at you and also tell you the most memorable stories from my 2ish days in Paris.

First up, the pastries at McCaffe are surprisingly delicious. And cheap! Kyle and I went there for our first breakfast in Paris (duh), and in the midst of our happiness over pain au chocolat, we realized that we were sitting next to a man that I had originally taken as your typical studious Frenchman, but soon revealed himself to be a straight up crazy person. He started talking to himself, and at first we gave him the benefit of the doubt; you know, maybe he was talking on a bluetooth, maybe he was practicing a monologue. NOPE, he was having a long, very intense conversation with himself, in German. Moreover, he soon started laughing to himself. You guys. I am incapable of not laughing when something funny happens, so I started cracking up less than subtly. In fact, I was laughing so hard I cried. When Kyle and I stood up to leave, this man turns and gives us the creepiest leer I have ever seen... he should audition for a horror movie or something. It was an experience.

Moving on, we went to Versailles! Except, oh wait, we went on Monday and the Chateau is CLOSED on Mondays! :( But the gardens were open, and really, the gardens take a full day in and of themselves.

Cheesing at the gardens

Are you sure we can't come in?

Pretty canals!

Too pretty for words.

Then it was Louvre time! We had been planning to go on Tuesday, not Monday, but since Versailles was closed we headed over on Monday. Once we got to the Louvre, we learned that it is closed on Tuesdays, so how handy that we just happened to go on a Monday! Paris pro tip: Versailles is closed on Mondays, the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays.

The Louvre, being the Louvre.

Can I just say that the Louvre is ridiculously enormous? Kyle and I spent a whole afternoon going through one third of the museum. One third. In 3 hours. What. Moreover, by the end we were so exhausted from art overload that we were just wandering mindlessly down hallways, glancing right and left at priceless pieces of art, too overwhelmed to take anymore in. I think the Louvre needs about 3 separate days.

After the Louvre...

Sparkly Tour Eiffel!

Arc de Triomphe! (I was too tired to get a decent picture.. whoops.)

The next day, Kyle and I headed back to Versailles for real.

Gold everywhere!

Hall of mirrors!

The Tuileries!

Oh France

It's highly possible that I fell in love with the Seine

Booksellers along the Seine. I barely restrained myself from buying everything.

The lock bridge - lovers come to lock a lock onto the bridge, then throw the key into the river.

Notre Dame

Truly awe-inspiring

And that, my lovelies, was Paris in 2 days. My feet cried out for mercy, but I fell absolutely in love with the city.

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