Sunday, March 4, 2012

Firenze, Take 2

I found my new favorite place in Florence! Last Friday I took a field trip to Florence to tour the Salvatore Ferragamo museum (for the non-fashion-obsessed, he is a huge shoe designer, and invented the wedge and the stiletto heels - grazie, Salvatore!), and afterwards, after coming oh so close to buying a beautiful leather cross-body bag, I wandered into the Boboli gardens of the Palazzo Pitti.

These gardens were slightly like Versailles, if Versailles had Italian trees everywhere and was built on a big ol' hill. After walking through some of it, my friends and I found some grass and promptly soaked up the sun for an hour or two. It was glorious, especially since the weather was nice enough that I could take off my sweater. Crazy talk!

Palazzo Pitti from the gardens

Ari and Hannah, being cute

Neptune founain

Crazy pretty view of Florence

I want to go back every time I'm in Florence. Who knew that there was such a lovely green place in the middle of all that brick and stone? (Not to diss on the brick and stone, of course. Florence is so beautiful that I occasionally feel as though I've walked into a fairy tale.)

Did I mention that I saw the Ponte Vecchio too? So medieval I could hardly stand it.

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