Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pisa, Where It's OK To Act Like A Weirdo

During the epic journey that was SB '12, we stopped in Pisa for a day, as our bus left us in Pisa at 9 am, but our flight to Paris from Pisa did not leave until 4. Thus, after changing and freshening up at the bar where we ate breakfast (I'm fairly certain that the owner hated us by the time we left... sorry I'm currently homeless right now, overpriced bar guy!), we headed to the town's main attraction, the tower.

Ciao, tower!

It turns out there's a reason that Pisa is only known for it's tower - there's pretty much nothing else to do there. However, just sitting in front of the tower is quite fun, especially since it was an absolutely wonderful day! It's extremely amusing to watch all the tourists take pictures in front of the tower, and of course we did a photo-shoot of our own.

Everyone, pose!

Couldn't resist.

I don't know if you can tell in these photos, but the tower really does lean quite a lot, and in fact, it looks pretty goofy. There was one point during the day that I just started laughing at it: "What are you doing, tower? Why are you so silly? Stand up straight! You look ridiculous!"

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