Monday, March 26, 2012

Naples, Or That Time I Was A Vagrant

Mamma mia, I'm a terrible blogger! I would say I've been too busy over the weekend, but let's be real here - I was "busy" sleeping until 1 om and watching almost a full season of Mad Men. So, really, I'm just molto pigra. However, I am now attempting to actually be productive, so, ready, set, go, Naples story time!

Kyle, Sarah, and I kicked off our trip by taking the midnight bus to Napoli. The less said about this bus ride, the better, but let it be known that if a sleep-deprived college student is unable sleep somewhere, that place is a very special place indeed. Anyways, the bus dropped us off at Napoli's train station at the unseemly hour of 5:45. Blah. We looked for a bathroom, but guess what? The bathrooms at that train station don't open until 8 am, and then you have to pay a euro to use them! Hooray! I love bathrooms that cost money and that also close during the night! OH WAIT. I don't love them at all! Being thus bathroom deprived, we plopped our cold, sleepy selves down in a semi-warm cafe, and proceeded to sleep... until were woken up by a policeman standing over us and repeating, "Non dorme! Non dorme!" (Don't sleep!) Basically, we were told we couldn't be vagrants. Whoops!

Sarah and I: vagrants

Once Napoli finally woke up for the day (and the bathrooms opened), we wandered through a few Napolitan streets before deciding that what we really wanted was the beach, and so we grabbed a train to Sorrento, a town on the coast of the Bay of Naples. I am not exaggerating when I say that Sorrento is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been - I would go back in a heartbeat if I ever had the chance. The combination of the bluest blue ocean, craggy cliffs, pastel buildings, and a thick covering of citrus trees makes for a truly wonderful sight.

Stop it, Sorrento. You'll make the other towns jealous.

Vesuvio, chilling.

After our sleepless night, we very much wanted to relax, so we acquired limoncello and found a beach. It's possible that this beach was not meant for tourists, and was instead a beach for actual fishermen. OH WELL.

Kyle and Sarah testing the water (freddo!)

After beaching it up, we headed for our hostel, which was in yet another town, about a 30 minute bus ride from Sorrento. Once we arrived at the hostel we realized that we were literally the only ones there. Awkward! Moreover, we were the only tourists in town, and small towns like this one completely shut down in the tourist off-season, meaning that there were more cats than people. However, we did get our own tiny little house! And for cheaps!

Kyle says ciao from our casa!

Ghost town

After sleeping the sleep of the dead, we got up and traveled to POMPEII! I was slightly excited about Pompeii. And by slightly excited I mean I was freaking the freak out.

See? Freaking out.

I wandered through the streets of Pompeii in a haze of dorky bliss, marveling at the history. I was surprised by how little everything is guarded - on several occasions we felt like we couldn't see something close enough, so we hopped some fences to get closer. I know. Bad. But we wanted to get the best view of everything possible! You're only in Pompeii once, and there was literally no one making sure that people weren't getting into places they weren't supposed to be. Our motto while there: "I don't care! I'm in Pompeii!"

Sarah being illegal.


I could keep going with the Pompeii pictures, but I don't want to bore you. I just wanted to let it be known that I highly enjoyed myself there, to the point that I almost exploded.

We headed back to Naples after Pompeii, where we treated ourselves to real Napolitan pizza - pizza was invented in Naples! We found a little place that a website recommended, and it turns out that the website listed it for a reason. This place was hopping with Italians (always a good sign), and only served pizza margherita and pizza marinara - also a good sign. Let me tell you, the stuff was delicious. I practically inhaled my pizza.

Seriously, so much nom happened.

Full of pizza goodness, we went back to the train station (our home!) and waited in our old resting place, the cafe, until midnight, when we hopped on to yet another overnight bus, this one bound for Pisa!

Up next: Pisa, Paris, and Rome!

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